To everyone who is complaining about Clean Feed in Nepal

How would feel if Netflix starts showing you advertisements? To everyone who is complaining about not being able to watch some channels after the implementation of Clean Feed. Well here is something we need to understand. Let’s get back to the basic first. We pay every month some amount to the service providers and they pay it […]

The world I want to see after Corona

It’s been a month that I have been in lockdown in my home. The distance that I travel to is from my bedroom to the bathroom and the kitchen. My kitchen is on the second floor and my bedroom and bathroom on the first. I have not stepped down to the ground floor for weeks. […]

What rejection made me do

And I got rejected. Back in 2014, when I was trying to submit my website templates at open marketplaces, it rejected me like anything. I had gotten rejected for the NINTH time and out of frustration I started my own templates/themes website to express my designs. I had around ten designs that my clients had […]

Being a part of DoCamp 2018 – Bucsbin Symposium

It has been a while that I took part as a participant in any of the camp. Being involved fully in my own venture has actually made me think that I have enough of learning. Back in July, while having a coffee with Abhishek, he told me to take part in this camp that is […]

Nepal Idol: Re-building the market

I don’t remember when was the last time I gave full attention to the TV show, probably when I was in school. Bringing Nepal Idol franchise is one of the best decision that Nepali media has done. This has brought back people’s attention to TV shows once again. I am one of the regular followers […]

Understanding Clean Feed

How often do you see advertisements of Indian brands in Television? A lot right. How often do you see advertisements of International brands other than India in Television? Few. We never see advertisements in TV channels like HBO, Cinemax, (Pardon me if this has changed recently). That’s clean feed. But in a case of Nepal that […]

Wordlink Review – One week with Wlink

It is frustrating to see service businesses are cheating customers in Nepal. Last one week  was one hell of a week for me cause of Worldlink. I have been using UNLIMITED data pack of worldlink since 1 year but last week they told me that Unlimited is not Unlimited. Now, after a week of discussion, […]

Let me share my story

‪#‎storychallenge‬ Year 2003, after SLC : I got sales job at WAVE magazine. Realised I am too young for it and I left in a week. Year 2003-2005 : Learned to make handicrafts, back then family business are always good skills to have. Passion for music, Rezon pocket’s money were used to buy musical instruments […]

The next way!

How many hour a day you spend on TV or Newspaper or Radio? And how many hours you spend on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or browsing any website. Over a year if businesses are not taking themselves online then get ready to exit, sounds harsh? Well, you will thank me someday. What actually is “taking business […]

Learn to make dreams real by letting someone else do it

There are some dreams that you cannot achieve, even if you are passionate about it. But at some point you will see another person who is also passionate about the same thing. At those time you can give all your ideas. If not you, atleast someone else will make it real with your small efforts […]