I don’t remember when was the last time I gave full attention to the TV show, probably when I was in school. Bringing Nepal Idol franchise is one of the best decision that Nepali media has done. This has brought back people’s attention to TV shows once again. I am one of the regular followers of it, despite my schedule and work, I manage to give my time. Nepal Idol has created a disruption for re-building the market of Nepal.

Here are some of the reasons how Nepal Idol is re-building the market
  1. Ice breaker
    Nepali media was in need of an Ice Breaker. Many media houses were trying their best to bring great shows but mostly failed to do so. Nepal Idol became the best Ice-Breaker, now we can expect better shows ahead.
  2. People start watching TV
    Television shows were almost dead, there were hardly any shows that are being watched by everyone. Now, people have started watching TV all over again, those evening time with family has come again.
  3. Respect for Music Industry
    Music Industry is one of the industry that people take it for granted. Artist getting low paid, or no paid is there since ages. After Nepal Idol, I got a chance to interact with few artist and contestants of Nepal Idol, they were getting quite a good pay for their commercial shows. (Not sure about those charity events.)
  4. Old songs have revived
    So many songs that were lost or people hardly remembered has revived all over again. The songs that contestant sing, on the very night the Youtube view of the original goes up tremendously. (I keep my eye on this regularly, I guarantee.)
  5. More musical shows are happening
    Comparative to the previous year, there are tons of musical shows happening. Nepal Idol took a pick at the time of Monsoon still there are a good number of musical events, most of them have contestants performing. As I am involved in the event business, I do get calls from sponsors and restaurants if I can help them in contact with the contestant. (Note: I don’t do artist management nor musical events but these calls are definitely encouraging.)
  6. Better talk of the town
    Out of all those regular political news we have a better topic to talk these days. Every Friday we at our office talk about Nepal Idol at least an hour or more, and I am sure it’s there in many places.
  7. Motivation for event organizers
    The success of Nepal Idol is a great motivation for event organizers. The number of sponsors and supporters that Nepal Idol have is what gives a confident to event organizers to bring more similar and great events.
  8. Collaboration over competition
    One best thing that I like about Nepal Idol is the feeling of collaboration over competition. In fact, the contestants are competitors but they support each other, they appreciate each other’s talent. That’s the best spirit of sportsmanship one can have.
  9. Music as Career Option
    To make living out of music was quite difficult but the craze of Nepal Idol has given confidence to music enthusiasts to take it as a career. If one has a talent then career in music is definitely not an issue.

Above all these are my personal opinions only, if there are more suggestions and feedback then I can incorporate for sure.

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