Have you ever blame your grand parents for some bad decision they made decades back? I do sometime, but I am glad they made many smart decision at their times too. Now its you me & us who have to make the smart decision. Let our grand children thank us for our smart decisions.

The Earthquake in Nepal have change many people. The idea of voluntarism have grown a lot in many people. We must appreciate the citizen led effort. If the citizens of Nepal have not acted at first then the immediate relief would not have been possible.

The immediately relief is now almost over. NOW?

NOW! We need to be visionary even when we are helping. Don’t just make any move with your own idea and brain. Take reference, ask question, study, listen to experts. People of Nepal are resilient, they are very conscious enough about how to save life. The monsoon and rain is lame excuse, people will survive anyways.  Quoting to last weeks’ meeting, we had a discussion that the disaster is not earthquake, the next disaster is will be people. If farmer stop doing agriculture then next year we will have to ask for Rice, Vegetables from foreign nations. Are we ready for that disaster?

So, lets encourage and teach people to move on. Let the farmers do agriculture, let the school run, let the potter help carry.

Many organization, agencies, individuals are taking initiative of temporary shelter homes, but I believe that there must be some exit strategy. The temporary shelter must be demolish or reuse for permanent structure after some time, let the temporary shelter do not turn into slums.

If you want to volunteer and continue your humanitarian activity then go to school & camp nearby help the children, help them play & learn. Conduct a team building games for them. Every school students need extra curriculum activity right now. Organization wants to build schools but do you know government have pledge Rs 25,000 for each classroom?

Go to nearby government offices there are people who don’t know how to write letter(sifarish), help them write letters.


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