The next way!

How many hour a day you spend on TV or Newspaper or Radio? And how many hours you spend on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or browsing any website.

Over a year if businesses are not taking themselves online then get ready to exit, sounds harsh? Well, you will thank me someday.
What actually is “taking business online”
  • Does that mean you must have a business website? Yes, but NO, it’s not enough.
  • Create a facebook page? Yes but again who is going to follow your business.
  • Create a youtube video? Yes, a must, but why someone come and watch it.
  • Sponsor a facebook page or post? Yes true, but what about relevant targets 😉
For those who have not thought of taking it online, start creating a facebook page, promote a post, create youtube video etc. Or buy me a beer!
And for those who have already made it online, congrats & thank you, but you could/should have done……… Well, we can talk that over a coffee!


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