How would feel if Netflix starts showing you advertisements?

To everyone who is complaining about not being able to watch some channels after the implementation of Clean Feed. Well here is something we need to understand.

Let’s get back to the basic first. We pay every month some amount to the service providers and they pay it to the TV channels, easy maths. Did the clean feed policy decline the monthly subscription price? NO! So what’s the logic of some channels not broadcasting. The income of service provides has not changed now why can’t they afford to pay some channels. Well well well, the recent implementation of the Clean Feed Policy has given us the clarity that how consumers are being cheated for a long time.

I don’t have legal documents or proof but I am very confident that there is some advertisement overlay deal with those channels which are blocked recently. Those channels are coming to us for free or less price with the deal of showing ads.

The fundamental of clean feed is you pay for the service so that you don’t have to see advertisement but content. But is this possible? Yes, if we are ready to pay 10x of the price than today. But it’s practically not possible for us in Nepal. We need the right balance.

I am not against displaying advertisements on TV/Media/Paper. We do pay rs. 300 at the theatre, and still see ads. We pay rs. 10 for a newspaper but still see ads. Advertisement helps in reducing prices for consumers in everything. What I think fundamentally wrong is we consumers being fed by international brand advertisements, mostly Indian. In the last decades, we are being fed by those ads so much that many industries in Nepal can hardly compete. Indian companies can easily get to the Nepali market as we are consuming their ads like anything. For Indian brands to enter the Nepali market there are hardly any advertisement expenses. But for Nepali brands to produce those ads here, it’s difficult. I am not against product imports, we need them, we need them for being competitive and also creative. Infact, we need it for a better economy, everything cannot be produced in Nepal. What I strongly feel is we need the same level playing field. That’s it.

The implementation of clean feed won’t just give opportunities to actors, models, ads agencies. It will democratize the market and industry at large.


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